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Happy New Year! by jigordon
January 1, 2008, 9:54 am
Filed under: negotiation

Happy New Year from the Licensinghandbook Blog!

I’m sure you’re recovering from last night – so I won’t drop anything serious on you for today.  So let’s go through a few New Year’s Resolutions for the licensing professional:

1.  Resolve to write your own license template.  It’s a lot of work, but starting from your template over and over will recoup that time quickly.

2.  Resolve to learn a little latin.  No, not the actual language (which is why it isn’t capitalized), but some new words.  Lookup “notwithstanding”, “indemnity”, “warranty”.  Learn the nuances of the language you speak (and visit to REALLY get into it).

3.  Bone up on a few new negotiation skills.  Start with the Five Fundamental Skills for Effective Negotiation and work down to tips, tricks, tactics and other rubber-meets-the-road practical advice. Then attend a seminar or two and meet your fellow practitioners.

4.  Take some time for your family and friends – go on vacation, stay home and enjoy quiet time.  Do whatever it takes to recharge your batteries.  I prefer this.

5.  Have a SAFE, HAPPY and HEALTHY 2008!  🙂

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