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Asset Management

Once you have made your purchase, do you know where that product is for the rest of its lifecycle? If you were audited, could you locate each item (this especially critical in software licensing) and prove that you are the lawful owner? How many times have you had to re-purchase a product simply because you could not locate what you thought you already owned?  Each of these questions identifies a common critical failure in many organizations – the lack of an Asset Management program and process.

I can assist you in the development or management of a complete Asset Management program. Starting with an understanding of how valuable your assets are and the knowledge that replacing them unnecessarily is a drain on resources, I work with you to create a program that is beneficial, but also least disruptive to your current processes.  The end product might be a simple tracking methodology or process flow document all the way to something as complex as the installation and implementation of a complete Asset Management System.

Contact me today to see how we can save you money, simply by tracking what you’ve already bought!


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