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Contract Management

Many people believe that an attorney is the best person to seek out when they need a contract. Why? Did you know that at even the best law schools, students only have to take one class on contracts – and there is no discussion on how to write one. How do I know this? Well, I am an attorney who has decided to focus my career solely on contracts and contract negotiations. I have significant training, education and experience in the art of drafting contract language which mirrors the form and substance of the business relationship created in the procurement process.  The result is an ability to quickly yet thoroughly review or draft an agreement specific to your particular needs.  Combined with my negotiation services, I am your one-stop-shop for all of your contract negotiation needs.

Additionally, the minute your contract is signed, the obligations contained therein must be followed. I have thus partnered with several leading contract management firms, each offering different levels of contract management solutions to you so that you can successfully live up to your end of the agreement.  Or I can help you create a custom contract management solution to meet your unique business needs.

[Please Note prior to contacting me: I am not a licensed attorney and do not represent myself as such to my clients or to their adversaries. I neither provide legal advice nor do I serve you as counsel.  Rather, I provide strategic business advice based on my education (JD from Valparaiso University and MBA from North Carolina State University) and more than a decade of hands-on experience. In the event that a particular situation would be appropriately handled by an attorney, I will advise you to seek such counsel.  What you tell me is not automatically protected by privilege, so please do not share any confidential information until we have agreed to a confidentiality agreement.]


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