NET(net), Inc.

Cost Review

Talking about risk is etherial – discussing actual costs and fees is tangible.  Many organizations are extremely cost conscious and actively seek ways to minimize spend.  Interestingly enough, these same organizations don’t always have a handle on their IT spend.  It’s too much, spread out over too many parts and pieces, and it’s simply too pervasive to control, right?


I’ve been reviewing IT spend for over a decade – giving me significant insight as to which rocks to turn over to find the greatest return on investment.  I know the contractual tricks that have allowed your vendors to increase your annual fees year over year.  I understand the industry norms to help you re-level the playing field.

On an annual basis, I help my clients save over $10,000,000.  Can I help you, too?  Contact me today to discuss a no-risk cost review.


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