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If your organization doesn’t have a Vendor Management Office, there’s no time like the present to put the policies, procedures and templates in place to start benefiting from the advantages a VMO can bring.

InstaVMO™ was created to provide you the quickest and most cost effective solution to take you from 0 to 60.  In the span of only two weeks, we review your current policies,  procedures and process flows.  Causing minimal disruption to those current processes, we show you where to hook VMO into your flow to achieve maximum effectiveness.  We provide you with customized templates for your most common contract negotiations and, if so desired, we leverage our partnership with the top contract management system vendor to install and integrate contract management best practices into your organization. We are even able to locate and train appropriate staff for your long-term success.

Used with or without our negotiation services, InstaVMO™ is your path to vendor management.  Contact us today for pricing and scheduling.


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