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Like contract drafting, many people believe that an attorney has negotiation skills because they believe that “arguing” = “negotiation.” This is simply not true. And like contract drafting, there are very few lawyers who have even taken the elective courses in law school that focus on Alternative Dispute Resolution (the umbrella term used to describe techniques of Mediation, Arbitration and Negotiation).

Hired gun, hitman, pitbull.  Whatever term you’d like to use, it’s my job to get you what you want. As such, you are hiring me for my ability to quickly learn your business needs and translate them to cost benefits. To that end, I do not always seek a win-win situation. This term implies a feel-good process where everyone leaves the negotiating table feeling like they won. The truth is that I aggressively negotiate on behalf my clients and I seek to satisfy my client’s needs and wants every time I sit down at the table.

I have more than a decade of extensive practical experience and education in negotiation.  I have closed deals ranging in size from $30 to $300,000,000 for software, services, telecommunications, hardware, fleet management, aircraft, human resources and travel management purchases/sales. I’ve worked with/against organizations that have thousands of employees and those who are solo practitioners. But it’s not the money that matters or the size of the organization – it’s the total deal package.  A great price with bad terms is still a bad deal.  So when you contact me, don’t worry about deal or organization size… just start with what you want for the outcome.


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